IARS Response to the Children’s Commissioner report on services provided to young carers by local authorities

Research conducted by the IARS International Institute indicates that BME young carers constitute one of the most, if not the most, marginalised and neglected groups by policy makers, the current administration and independent funders and educators. IARS's work forms part of the EU funded Care to Work project and the findings are now backed up by the December Children’s Commissioner study on the current services provided to young carers by local authorities. The report, titled “Young Carers: The...

Reflections: Care2Work Empowering Professionals to work with Black and Minority Ethnic Young Carers

Participant's reflections on the C2W Empowering Professionals to work with Black and Minority Ethnic Young Carers - 15th November 2016, Athens - Greece The first day of the training was when we all had the chance to understand why a multicultural approach on young carers and especially BAME young carers is essential. We begun our meeting with a greeting from the facilitator, which for that day was Adrianna from IARS, and we quickly jumped into reviewing the day’s agenda. After a fun but also ...

C2W workshop for professionals piloted in Italy

The workshop designed for professionals was piloted in Italy with 20 youth workers from the social cooperative Aliante, in Modena (Italy). The session was actively participated by the whole group that gathered professionals working in different services for disadvantaged young persons. The main feedbacks received, together with a general appreciation of the workshop, included a raised awareness on the topic, a stronger capacity to identify young carers when met and a need to develop synergies w...

Sweden – Young Carer Workshop outlines for Perception and Motivation

Eva Nordqvist and Johanna Miranda Sköld have as representatives of Linnaeus University, Sweden, met five practitioners from three different functions for a workshop on the theme YC, for professionals. Although all participants meet YC in their professional role they expressed that the lecture and the practical exercises were an eye-opener for them. Several of them emphasized that they have previously been aware that the youths take a great responsibility but never imagined that it could be at th...