Care2work will made available to young people and practitioners the following resources:

Barriers Understood: Young BAME carers in Europe – E-book reflecting all participating countries/ languages, constructing the evidence-base for the practical results of the project. Analysis of key concepts and cross country comparison. Theoretical development and review of existing best practices in the project area. It will include findings from surveys and comparative analyses, evidence gathering and studies of real life cases that will be carried out by the strategic partnership.

Training resources: workshops and resources will be designed and piloted aimed to support BAME young carers to strengthen and build on the skills informally developed in caring. Specifically, we will focus on eight soft-skills and – for each of them a workshop plan will be developed, including: background information for the facilitators, a list of practical activities to engage participants and an assessment methodology. The workshops will take in account cultural and language barriers potentially faced by participants. The contents of the workshops will be released in draft, piloted with participants and then fine-tuned before the final release.

Marginalised No More: Young BAME Carers in Employment, Training and Education – Final project report integrating the 2 year learning and practical results of programme.

Resources will be uploaded in this page – follow us to be always updated about our progresses.

Download the leaflets:

About the Project leaflet – (in English)
Volantino di progetto – (In Italian)