Beginner Guide on How to Start a Writing Career

How do you start as an entry level writer? A question that many entry-level writers looking to land their first gigs and gain the writer status often ponder.

Besides proper mastery of language, there are many skills required to succeed as a writer. Read on to discover the best tips to help you start a writing career

Beginner Guide on How to Start a Writing Career

  1. Practice and Persevere

To be a writer you don’t need to be published. As long as you are writing, learning, working at it and progressing you are a writer. Every known writer begun as a novice who braced through the challenges and rejections.

You will always find many reasons to quit, don’t. Every morning you need a target to reach. No matter how little you write in a day. Make sure you do some practice. Although your work may not be initially great, constant practice is bound to improve the quality of your content.

Fortunately, there is little experience required to become a writer, allowing you to venture into writing jobs without a degree.

  1. Build a portfolio

A portfolio is an essential tool to access entry level writer jobs.  A portfolio allows you to showcase your skills, helping clients gauge how your skills are applicable to their needs.

Preferably, major on your interests. This will help you to easily navigate complex topics and enjoy research.

Learning and working at improving your knowledge on various topics is a step in being proficient in your chosen field. Writing requires dedication and commitment. Being organized is a great way to ensure you succeed in the industry

  1. Look for opportunities and seek like-minded writers

Best jobs for aspiring writers vary depending on the content they are putting out to the masses. To build on this you might want to volunteer with organizations that might require writing help. You can also volunteer for your local newspaper or offer guest blogging to earn samples to showcase on your profile.

Surrounding yourself with other writers to hold you accountable and encourage you to stick with it. It also helps reduce frustrations, discouragement and the urge to want to quit. You can also ask as them for a freelance writing guide. Having an extra pair of eyes on your work helps escape common errors thus boosting your journey to becoming a professional writer.

  1. Create a website and Network with others

As you begin pitching your work to agents and publishers, they will look you up on the internet. Your website becomes your calling card, your portfolio and it allows you to begin building the following you need to become a full time writer.

Introducing you and getting to know writers you admire while meeting people in your community helps. Establishing yourself as a writer does not only depend on your ability to write it’s about building relationships. The more people you know who have access to your website and content, the more the opportunities that will come your way.

Equivalently, peers and connections may inform you of opportunities where you qualify, improving your chances of landing regular gigs.

Final Take 

Those are just a few ways of how to make a career in writing. If you are starting off, these tips should guide your first steps into writing and help you secure your first gig.

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