Care2Work project

The Care2Work programme will target one of the most marginalized communities in Europe, that of the Black and Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) young carers with a view to break the cycle of poverty and multiple disadvantage that they face, and to support them to achieve a successful transition from caring to adulthood.

The programme will be delivered in partnership with 3 European partners with long standing experience in engaging with marginalized and disadvantaged young people namely Anziani e Non Solo (Italy), Linnaeus University (Sweden) and the Family and Childen Care Centre (Greece).

The programme aims to generate and pilot new knowledge on the needs of BAME young carers with an ultimate goal of achieving institutional and cultural change in the UK and Europe. The first phase of the programme will involve rigorous fieldwork research with young BAME carers and professionals and service providers who are working directly with such groups.

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