1-7 May is European Youth Week, and the IARS International Institute, the leading UK youth-led social policy charity is pleased to disseminate the findings from the 5th IARS Annual International Conference: Youth-led Solutions to Unemployment, the Voices of young marginalised carers” which was held on the 27th April 2017. The Erasmus+ co-funded conference, hosted at the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple in London, brought together 110 international delegates including young people with caring responsibilities to explore together organic youth-led solutions for policy and practice.

The event was chaired by Simon Israel (IARS Patron and senior Home Affairs Correspondent, Channel 4 News) and Dr. Theo Gavrielides (Founder and Director, IARS International Institute).  Watch them setting the scene for the conference.

Professor Gavrielides said: “The UK may have said no to the European Commission, but Erasmus has said yes to our youth. As we celebrate European Youth Week and Parliament is dissolved today, I want to remind everyone where the future of this country and Europe lies. I look forward to continue working with our Institute’s members, users and supporters for building a stronger and more inclusive society for our youth, where “demos” is given real value through statements of truth and reality”.

Watch the keynote speech of Simon Chambers,  Programme Lead, Youth, Erasmus+, UK National Agency, British Council.

Watch the keynote speech of  Arti Lad, a BAME Young Carer and Member of the IARS Youth Advisory Board presenting her experiences as a young carer in the pursue of employment and education.

The conference fostered discussions through workshops and panel debates that aimed to challenge the current discourse, and attitudes used and held among practitioners, policy makers and also young carers themselves to a language and an approach that are inspired by young carers’ potential rather than their barriers or challenges.

This unique event concluded and presented the findings of the 2-year, youth-led project entitled Care2Work funded under Erasmus+ that aimed to support young BAME carers in their transition to employment, education and further training.  The culmination of the C2W, an e-book entitled “Tearing Down Barriers to Employment & Education for Young, Black and Minority Carers,” was also launched at the event.

Floor van Houdt, Head of Unit for Youth, Volunteer Solidarity and Traineeships Office, European Commission – Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture said: “This book is important. It draws attention to an extraordinary group of young people. The EU has a real added value in helping to bring about the necessary changes. Through its programmes, such as the Erasmus+, and the systematic exchanges of policy experiences and good practices, the EU can help to shed light on the situation of young carers, raise awareness and provide inspiration for reforms. As no young person should undergo the experience of caring for a loved one in isolation, we hope that the “Care2Work” project will ignite the spark so that more evidence will become available to effectively support young people who care.”


Notes to editors

  • C2W is delivered in partnership with 3 European partners Anziani e Non Solo (Italy), Linnaeus University (Sweden) and the Family and Childen Care Centre (Greece), under the leadership of the  IARS International Institute. The project has its own dedicated website WWW.CARE2WORK.ORG.
  • Care2Work is co-funded by Erasmus+ under the Agreement 2014-2-UK01-KA205-01196
  • Conference photos can be found here .
  • Conference presentations can be downloaded below:
PDF icon Theo Gavrielides, Introduction, IARS (UK) 1.23 MB
PDF icon Laura Bennet, Young Carers’ Rights, Carers Trust (UK) 718.99 KB
PDF icon Simon Chambers, Introduction, British Council (UK) 272.59 KB
PDF icon Dr. Theo Gavrielides, C2W Overviews, IARS (UK) 835.38 KB
PDF icon Andriana Ntziadima, C2W UK, IARS (UK) 828.12 KB
PDF icon Eleni Sakellariou, C2W Greece, KMOP (Greece) 233.23 KB
PDF icon Licia Boccaletti, C2W Italy, Anziani E Non Solo (Italy) 1.31 MB
PDF icon P.Johansson & E.Nordqvist, C2W Sweden, Linnaeus University (Sweden) 817.14 KB
PDF icon M.Boos & C.Kellander, Support for students, Linnaeus University (Sweden) 1.27 MB
PDF icon P.Johansson & E. Nordqvist, Children as Next of Kin, Linnaeus University (Sweden) 894.22 KB
PDF icon Dr. Daniel Griggs, Can welfare ever be well and fair again?, European University of Madrid (Spain) 992.39 KB
PDF icon Faith Gordon, Young Voices Count, University of Westminster (UK) 1.87 MB
PDF icon Brend Brown, Employment after trafficking experiences, Bucks New Uni (UK) 535.71 KB
PDF icon Stefania Buoni, The impact of parental mental illness on young BAME carers’ lives and careers, My Blue Box (Italy) 1.04 MB
PDF icon Daniel Linotte, Youth Unemployment in the Balkans’ ‘Grey Economy’, Oxford University (UK) 549.5 KB
PDF icon James Alexander, Criminal Barriers to young people working, London Metropolitan University (UK) 474.79 KB
PDF icon T.Coles, S. Chandler & J.Burns, Young Carers in Transtition, Carers Trust & Hillingdon Carers (UK) 587.68 KB
PDF icon Daniel Phelps, Supporting carers into and through higher education, Young Carers & University of Winchester (UK) 1.12 MB
PDF icon Esther Friedman, Restorative solution in the re-entry service for young people, Linnaeus University (Sweden)



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