How to Find Remote Jobs in Creative Writing

Online writing ranks top among the most sought-after industries. However, many entry-level writers found it hard to penetrate the market and land clients.

This article will cover the tips to start a career as a writer and land lucrative creative writing gigs.

Who is a remote freelance writer?

A remote freelance writer is an individual tasked with producing content for digital and print media. Often, these writers are hired on a contractual basis and offer services ranging from blog writing to book writing.

Unlike other writers who are limited to data on topics and products, creative writers have the freedom to engage their full imagination and creativity. Creative writers are tasked with producing content like poetry, short stories, and novels.

How to get creative writing jobs from home

The main struggle for creative writers is determining effective methods to connect with clients and land their first gig. Although many think they will hit the ground running, they are often put down by a dry spell after registering on content mills.

What do they do wrong? How can you approach clients and get positive feedback and land your first few gigs? Here are some tips to help you get entry-level jobs for creative writers.

  1. Create social media platforms and showcase your skills

To land a gig as a creative writer, you should show your potential to prospects. For this, register on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter and enroll on platforms relating to your skills.

Next, upload samples of your previous work and engage other writers seeking assistance with their tasks. You can also pitch your services directly to clients on these platforms.

  1. Enroll in a freelancing platform

Content mills are the familiar sources for freelance creative writing jobs. Although they are often considered a limiting site for freelancers, they are great to get your first reviews.

By searching for lowly-priced tasks, you can land a client and gain a reputation. Later on, you can liaise this newly-earned reputation and reach better-paying clients. When possible, request clients for permission to showcase a sample of their project on your portfolio.

  1. Start a website

A website is a great resource to gain a reputation in your field and land the best jobs for creative writers. Your website should contain samples of your work and highlight the tips for success in your selected area.

Besides connecting you with clients, you can monetize your blog with ads and sustain your creative writing career.

  1. Networking

Making connections with established freelancers is also a great way to reach clients. These writers may supply you with gigs or even recommend you to clients in case the opportunity arises.

You may request a referral from fellow writers on various platforms or clients after completing a project.

Creative writer salary

The average annual salary for creative writers ranges between $30,000 to $68000. These figures may vary depending on the tasks you are assigned and your skills. If you are both a writer and editor, you are likely to make more annually than one that specializes in writing.

Final Take

Creative writing is a significant venture that requires little investment to get started. These tips should come in handy to expose you to jobs for creative writers and get your writing career on track.

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